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On this page you'll find information about how I approach couples work. 

I think it's important to really acknowledge that relationships are hard work. I imagine if you're looking for couples counselling, things between you and your partner are not working in some sense. Perhaps the feelings you once had have changed. Perhaps this has built slowly over time, or a life transition or event has brought things to a head. Either way - something needs to change between you. Perhaps you're at the stage where it's either - things have to improve, or you separate. Commonly, the situation between a couple has reached crisis point by the time couples counselling is sought.


If your desire to stay together is still strong, and you are willing to work at it, my goal as a couples therapist is to notice and to intervene in the patterns and shapes that you are co-creating, to assist you as a couple to re-establish communication and empathy where it has broken down.


Often things from the past on both sides come up and end up intermingling in ways that get in the way of the relationship you want. Couples counselling can be a space to start exploring and unpicking these tangles and knots. This can be hard work, and will often require time and commitment to the process. My commitment is to be reliable, fully present and 'in' the process with you.

If you would both like to give it a go, I suggest that we meet for a full initial session in order to get a good sense of what it is like working together. 

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