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Here you'll find out a bit more about who I am and why I do this job. There's a school of thought that therapists shouldn't reveal any personal information. And, while I understand that, I think it's more important that you know that I have benefited from therapy myself. I have experienced it from the client's perspective and witnessed my own change and growth as a result. Not only do I understand theoretically how counselling can help, I know it to the core of my being.​

Therapy changed my life. In my late teens and twenties, I struggled with my mental health. I  felt sad and lonely much of the time and I couldn't imagine a future in which I felt better. I didn't know why. The turning point was in my mid twenties; I went to see a therapist on the advice of my GP. I didn't know what to expect but over only a short time, probably around 10 weeks, I came to understand so much more about what was going on and why I was suffering so much. I also felt incredibly cared for by my therapist. These two factors - looking at my past and forming my own understanding of why I had been feeling the way I did for so long, combined with the amazing feeling of being so well looked after made me feel better. Being seen in what I was going through and sharing my deepest pain, I no longer felt alone. Now, nearly two decades later, it's hard for me to imagine ever feeling so bad again, regardless of what life throws at me. I'm so glad I went to therapy but wish I had done so earlier.

I studied Philosophy as an undergrad which still informs the way that I think and work. I'm particularly interested in aspects of Buddhist thinking around attachment, suffering and impermanence. I bring mindfulness into my practice when it might help.

As a counsellor, I've worked with a wide range of people including those experiencing (or experiences of): addiction, childhood sexual abuse, low self-esteem, depression, obsessive thinking, self-harm, abusive relationships, personal boundary issues, social anxiety, insomnia, work-stress. I had the privilege of working as a long-term counsellor at The Swan Project in Bristol for three years, where I met some truly inspiring people - clients and colleagues alike.

I trained at BCPC which was genuinely a life-changing experience. Theory aside, it's four years of intense self-exploration always keeping in mind that, the more we understand ourselves, the better placed we will be to help others in our work. Sharing the journey with so many wonderful, talented, committed individuals is something that will always stay in my heart. During the training I had three and a half years of personal therapy in which I had many light bulb moments and formed the most amazing bond with my therapist (thank you Kim!). 


Looking back, I feel like I was always going to do something like this with my life. I've always been someone friends would come to to talk about their personal issues, maybe because I'm a good listener and am a non-judgemental person.


I deeply value meeting people at depth: the fascinating and frequently moving process of getting to know someone intimately. If you choose to work with me, my promise is to treat those parts of you that seem shameful or best-hidden with curiosity and compassion in the hope that, by being truly accepted as you are, you can in turn increase your level of self-acceptance.

Do drop me a line if you think I might be a good fit for you.

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